Jim and Victoria K.

“What can I say about Westside Real Estate Services? First off Steve Larson and Ray Callison are the “Lewis and Martin” of real-estate. For you youngsters who don’t know who Lewis and Martin are look them up. But seriously, the are knowledgeable, friendly, tenacious and funny. My husband and I found the home of our dreams. The team from Westside Real Estate worked hard during a challenging market to sell our house. Getting a fair price in the time frame we needed to close on our dream house. Ray Callison worked open house after open house until he got not only one offer but 3 offers. He negotiated with prospective buyers to get us what we needed from the sale. Westside did not stop there. The office staff, Moriah Larson, was wonderful. She was so helpful with all of the paperwork and inspections needed to move things along. She also help us set up painters, handymen, landscapers and even cleaners to prepare for amazing photos to showcase our house. After seeing the photo’s we almost changed our minds about selling · One last layer to this already well oiled machine is the young Realtor Caleb Larson. He helped out with the open houses. It is clear to see he is learning from the best. Thank you all for making this stressful time so much more manageable, even fun. “

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