Gerard Sr. and Janis H.

“We were very blessed to have selected Westside Real Estate Services, Steven Larson: Agent, Broker, Owner and Property Manager with the sale of our home in the Blossom Hill area of San Jose. We had received regular emails from Steven Larson for many, many years as he kept us appraised of the value of our home and the Real Estate Market in our area; the reports he provided were very professional, timely and reflected his heavy use of technology in support of his customers. I recommend contacting Steven Larson even if you are not selling your house but want to know the value of your home. Steven Larson is truly a ‘Real Estate Expert’ who got the results that we had hoped for in spite of a number of daunting challenges that he helped us overcome (with relative ease on our part). In October 2021, we had paid our November I, 2021 and February I , 2022 property taxes not realizing that we would sell our home and move to the East Coast where our grand-children and other family members beckoned us and where we found ourselves on Christmas Day leaving our home in the care of Steven and his team. We formally listed on January the I 0th with the escrow closing early on February the 9th and with remunerations in the bank on February 10th with our home having sold significantly above asking. Steven Larson was in constant contact with us and kept us appraised every step of the way; we recommend Steve Larson enthusiastically and we also extend our highest complements to his entire team.”

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